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How Milkwood Mushrooms began

It all started in 2001 when Chelsea mushrooms doors closed and was bought out by a bigger mushroom farm. Joy Ryan only a sales manager at Chelsea at the time had many customers asking her to carry on and not let only one mushroom supplier rule the Eastern Cape. Joy took a big leap and in one weekend Chelsea’s doors closed and Milkwood Mushrooms opened as if nothing had changed. At that time she sourced our supply of mushrooms from JHB until Plettenburg Bay Farm was on board. Striving on quality and service Joy built up Milkwood Mushrooms with great success. In 2007 we were pleased when the Plettenburg Bay Mushroom farm decided to open a sister farm on our door steps, allowing our company to grow and live up to our motto: SUPPORT LOCAL.

Joy started by renting premises by Oshry Farms a local cucumber farm and from there moved premises to where we still are today. By working with Oshry Farms our customers got used to the fact that we sold other freshly grown salad ranges. We now have a handful of small local farmers that drop off freshly picked organic product every morning, which we distribute to restaurants, coffee shops and small supermarkets.

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Our family farm motto:

Supporting local.

Milkwood Mushrooms & Milkwood Market strives to bring fresh organic local product from mushrooms to vegetables and Olives to Honey for the consumer.

When supporting local you not only looking after the people in our area and keeping our money in the Eastern Cape, but we encourage more smaller farmers to grow safer products for a better quality of living, job creation thus a happier lifestyle.

It’s about keeping more farmers on the land by paying them the real cost of production and about consumers having a stake in the stewardship of productive land. It’s about sustainability. Jennifer Wilkins published April 2008

According to the Hartman Groups Pulse Report, Consumer understanding of buying local, Released in February, consumers believe that local product are fresher, have fewer pesticides residues, are of higher quality and are more authentic. Buying local food is seen as supporting businesses that reflect the values of their community, as an antidote to commoditization and industrialization and a way to protect the local economy and environment.

So if you can, support your local farmer and the chefs that serve your food. Support policies that will make wholesome food available and affordable.

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